We are Landscaping Experts since 1996

About the company

Gardens Taranaki is a renowned Landscaping Company in New Zealand for more than 20 years! With landscape designs, horticulture, construction & maintenance, Gardens Taranaki Company has been offering graceful, excellent gardening ideas in Taranaki.

Our devoted designers, landscapers and architects have led this company to a new high position day by day by their standard hard work, skilled experience and professionalism.

We are specialists in designing, maintenance, building, and landscaping for residential as well as commercial outside living spaces.

about us

Our Vision

Our Vision to work in partnership with you to consider every aspect of your project’s as ours for reflecting your exact personality, style and choices within budget.

Our Company provides most classy and durable services to clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to get the most customer satisfaction according to their affordable resources so that customers’ superior reviews could build up the Company’s status!

We hope that in future Taranaki Landscaping Solutions will make a huge change in the community. If you also think so like us, give our Company a chance to reform your residential/commercial place a different creative look that you’ve never seen before!