What We Do

Landscape Design (Commercial & Residential)

Gardens Taranaki has great designers for landscaping architecture & designs. Our multi-skilled approach to landscaping gives you the appropriate design solution according to your style, budget, and choice of your residential and commercial area.

We will meet you regularly according to our project plans so that you have all the details of our working methods. If you need any type of changes in design, you can freely talk to our team members. We are always there for you to successfully complete your dream project.

Our landscaping and outdoor living solutions include—

  • Planting
  • Lighting
  • Pools
  • Land contouring
  • Creative/Artistic features

Horticulture & Renovation

Our team members have proper knowledge in native planting. We also consider other factors such as climate, environmental changes, seasonal effects & colour, irrigation requirements, among many others.

Gardens Taranaki specialists can design, create, and maintain a gorgeous garden for you. If you want to just renovate your old garden and give it a fresh look, our specialists will help you. Their ideas and plan will help you to choose the right renovation techniques according to your choice and budget.

We also have our own nursery. Different flower plants, fruit plants, and ornamental plants are available in our nursery. We take orders for supplying plants.

Fencing & Gate Building

Our specialists design and build great fences and gates. Our designers use quality materials to ensure their gates and fences are durable.  They also take into consideration ground conditions, existing house designs, and slope during their fence & gate building plans.

Fences and gates can be built of different types of materials.  Some examples are—

  • Timber paling/trellis
  • Hedging
  • Masonry or concrete
  • Brick, rock or stone
  • Composite and steel


We offer a maintenance program to make sure that your designed landscape is maintained properly. Our team can visit your garden to prune, trim, clean, and shape the area to make it nice and lively.

Our Company offers garden/landscape maintenance at a very reasonable price and with skilled technicians. Some of our maintenance works are like—

  • Trimming & Shaping plants
  • Fertilizing
  • Cleaning
  • Soil testing
  • Pesticides


Our well-skilled landscaping team is experienced in constructing things for landscaping such as—

  • Installing Retaining Walls
  • Decks, Terrace & Pavers
  • Constructing driveways & paths
  • Installing Power & lighting to develop landscaping more attractive
  • Installing Garden features like a fountain, focal point, stone work etc.
  • Constructing rock & hard landscaping