Unique Gardening Ideas for Small Gardens

Good designs and techniques are needed to create a small garden in small space. Exact plant selection and proper usages of space and garden materials could make your smallest garden eye catching. You just need to follow some techniques and apply wise ideas for making a beautiful small garden.

Some of the unique ideas are discussed here so that you can apply it for your tiny, cute garden space!

Utilize Narrow Spaces

Use your slim line balcony, pathway, window ledge, and walk away areas for planting ornamental flowers. Find hidden spaces and spruce them up with nice flower gardens. Kitchen window ledges can be utilized by planting herbs to make it easier to pick them while cooking.

Use entrance steps, patio, ladders

Make your entrance steps or patio more gorgeous by placing some beautiful flower pots. It will look more welcoming and also save space. Short steps ladders could be also utilized by placing some small flower pots.

Small Garden in Hanging Pots

Hanging pots in the balcony or outside your house can help you create a small garden without wasting time. It looks more beautiful if the hanging pots are decorated with materials.

Gardening in Portable Fabric Bag

Utilize colorful fabric bags for creating your small veggie garden for planting a potato, carrots and small herbs. This technique is less expensive and the bags are long lasting and easy to carry.

Indoor Bench Top Small Gardening

Create an indoor small garden with shed tolerant planting on the bench top. Placing small artistic flower pots will make house corner gorgeous than before. Select small size plants for indoor gardens cleverly.

Series planting for small garden in small place

Plant varieties of flower, fruit, or herb in series if you don’t have big spaces for gardening. Different seasonal planting in the same place is also another good for small gardening.



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